Let us take the harvest all over the world, especially in Beirut, Lebanon, and the Middle East.

April 10, 2009

Jesus He will release his hands

Before Easter, we had 2 programs. Prophet Dagm and Evangelist Wendyfraw came, and it was wonderful to worship with them. It is great that we already have established the Ethiopian Full Gospel Church in Beirut.

The Kingdom Festival, one month ago, was three days of singing and prayer with worshippers from many different nations: Ethiopia, Lebanon, Nigeria, Ghana, Philippines, Sri Lanka, America, and Egypt. It was a wonderful celebration with flags from every nation, and everyone shared their cultural clothing and songs. We were very happy to have this opportunity here in the Middle East. We will continue this festival, and please pray for us.

For Easter, we will have a prayer meeting, a worship meeting, and a drama program about salvation. There will be more than 250 people coming to our services.

Starting May 24, we will have a special guest, the head pastor of the Full Gospel Church in Ethiopia, Pastor Sadiku. 

Please pray for us. God bless you.